“Anong gagawin mo kapag nagkasakit ka? or “Saan ka kukuha ng pang-ospital kapag nagkasakit ka?” These are some of the many questions that we encounter, whenever we hear the word insurance and a follow up question be like, “Insured ka na ba?”  Well, for some people who do understand the reason and the importance of having an insurance knows the answer already, or let’s just say “wala ng tanong tanong pa.” But for some who are not interested, or do not have the capacity in getting it, “hindi ito papansinin,” and that is reality, Why? It’s because of the differences and stability of our financial needs and family status, it would be an additional charge to our daily budget. People think that getting an insurance is such an expensive matter. But of course, we need to see the beauty and importance of it.

But here’s the catch. There’s this one insurance company that gives comfort and assurance to anyone who wants to avail it. This company is also known as the number one pawnshop in the country, and it’s no other than, M Lhuillier! True enough to their taglines, “Dahil sa ML Insurance, Sigurado,” yes because they’re not only into jewelry and pawn shops but they are also after the welfare and security of their fellow Filipinos. Our health status, financial savings and how to take care of our family in the future when the right time comes, means that we don’t want to work any more. ML Insurance is indeed an answer and a big help to all of us.



M Lhuillier just recently established the name M Lhuillier General Insurance Agency, Inc. and has offered products and services through Insurance Plans and Special Products.  They have a partnership with the following companies like AIA Philippines, Paramount Life & General Insurance Corp., MAA General Assurance Philippines, Inc., and PhilLife Financials. They are the ones who truly help and support M Lhuillier to be able to make it grow and to fully give the best plans of an insurance company that one should have.

What are the insurance plans offered by M Lhuillier? These are the following: Pinoy Protect Plus, Family Protect Plus, Pawners Protect, Family Protect, and Kwarta Padala Protect. You’ll see how these insurance plans that  M Lhuillier offers have the best package that is truly helpful especially to our fellow “kababayans” working abroad.

To know more about the details of ML Insurance plans, you may visit their website or just simply click this link: https: https://webinsurance.mlhuillier.com/

Then here below are the following insurance products available at any M Lhuillier branches nationwide:

  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • CTPL (Compulsory Third Party Liability) Insurance
  • Dengue RX
  • Global Travel Protect Insurance
  • OFW Balik Manggagawa Insurance



True to their word, “Protektado ka anytime and anywhere,” M Lhuillier Insurance is very dedicated to what they preach. When you invest (just like the jewelries they offer) you’re in good and right hands, your money is safe and protected. It is an investment that they value and treasured.

Another thing that most people ask after they avail the ML insurance is that: What are the requirements for insurance claims and how can they claim the insurance? Here are the following requirements to make a claim and the things you need to prepare:

  • Original Copy of the Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Incident, Police, or Barangay report
  • Properly filled-up personal accident claim form
  • Medico-legal or death certificate
  • Insured person’s valid I.D. card
  • Birth certificate (if single); Marriage contract (if married)
  • Beneficiary’s birth certificate
  • Proof of transaction with ML branch

With these amazing plans and products that M Lhuillier Insurance has, then we can do nothing but to avail. We may not be able to get the thought of it right away but we can have enough time and more to study and think about getting an insurance.

With M Lhuillier Insurance, you are protected, you are insured and you’ll be safe here. 

You can also check this link to know more about it: https://mlhuillier.com/insurance/



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