Zinc or Stink? DonBelle and other #closeupCouples spill the tea on their icks (and how to deal with them)

#closeupCouple and showbiz’s freshest love team, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano—more popularly known as DonBelle—shared never-before-heard stories of their tandem in a recent TikTok post!​

The duo played the Zinc or Stink challenge, where they answered personal questions, lest they mess up their breaths by eating stinky items.

Donny went first and asked his partner about the physical features that she found least appealing. Belle played coy and instead acted excited about eating garlicky longganisa.

At Belle’s turn, she asked Donny the weirdest gift he had ever received from admirers. The young actor insisted that he cherishes all the gifts fans have given him, which urged Belle to reveal the stinky item for him to eat—danggit!

The two continued to answer more questions as they tried to bring out honest answers from each other. At the end of the game, Belle won after ending up with more “Zinc” than Donny.

She revealed that because she used closeup with Antibacterial Zinc that blasts away up to 99.9% of bacteria to keep breath fresh [for up to 12 hours with regular use]! So it legit gives you all-day Ama-Zinc fresh breath!”. Donny keeps the kilig even fresher and says that aside from her breath, Belle is just as AmaZinc.

Fans of the couple can’t but express their kilig for the two on-screen partners.

Other #closeupCouples also took part in the Zinc or Stink challenge and got candid on cam with a special game sent by the brand. This time, they must spin from an emoji roulette and eat the mystery food assigned.

Mavy Legaspi and Kyline Alcantara (aka MavLine) showed their closeness by literally blasting their breaths into each other after eating the stinky food. After playing, Kyline concluded that it’s important for them to use closeup every day so they can have AmaZinc fresh breath!

In their content, #closeupCouple Jenny Yeo and RK Biol explained that they first saw this challenge from Belle’s post so it’s exciting they get to play the game too! During the game, RK asked Jenny if there’s anything he does that makes her disrespected. But Jenny playfully dodged the question and teased her boyfriend to overthink. Whew!

Partners Clare Inso and Cheska Carandang also joined the trend. After explaining the rules, the couple gamely take turns spinning the roulette and eating each stinky food assigned to each emoji.

Laureen Uy and fiancé Miggy Cruz also shared their version of the game where they both ate spicy garlic peanuts, dilis, and vinegar crackers (which is Laureen’s fave!). After the game, Laureen won more “Zinc”, and the couple reminded everyone to use closeup to get AmaZinc fresh breath.

Each #closeupCouple showed that when you’re spending quality time with that special someone, a good time is just one bad breath away from turning into an ick—especially when you’re eating stinky food!

Use closeup with Antibacterial Zinc that blasts away up to 99.9% of bacteria ang get AmaZinc fresh breath that lasts up to 12 hours with regular use.

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