Recently, there has been more talk about people wanting to “count their macros.” If the term isn’t familiar to you, it simply means taking a more tailored approach regarding your intake of the “big three” macronutrients: protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Depending on your calorie needs and objectives, counting macros canContinue Reading

BAGUIO CITY, PHILIPPINES – Everest Academy Manila made waves at the recently concluded 2023 Panagbenga Swim Festival held on February 25 to 26. The school’s lone competitor Santi Banaag won Gold in 100-Meter Freestyle, Bronze in the 50-Meter Freestyle, and Bronze in the 50-Meter Butterfly event. The 12-year-old standout putContinue Reading

Over 6,000 participants from casual and serious runners to fitness enthusiasts, groups of friends, and families joined Watsons Race for Wellness on Sunday, March 5. The event marks the brand’s enduring commitment to becoming Filipinos’ ultimate health and beauty partner. Watsons helps Filipinos achieve a balanced lifestyle through its holisticContinue Reading

Modess recently launched the all-new Modess Long, while simultaneously unveiling BINI as their newest ambassadors.  BINI is a rising all-girl P-Pop group in the Philippines and they are the perfect partner as a lot of teen girls look up to them as this generation’s idols. In the latest Modess commercial,Continue Reading

As a song dedicated to people with Down Syndrome, Ronnie Lee’s “Natatanging Nilalang” highlights all the characteristics that make these individuals special. Composed with a fondness for those who have the condition (he himself has a nephew who has Down Syndrome), Lee’s song is one of empowerment not only forContinue Reading