Two puppies fall in love in the most adorable, unexpected ways on the music video of Sponge Cola’s “Labis-labis”—out now on YouTube. Showcasing unadulterated romance from the perspective of pets, the visual narrative steps into the world of meet-cute and courtship between two-year-old poodle, Alex and six-year-old mixed breed aspin,Continue Reading

In true Bayanihan spirit, NutriAsia provided essential frontliners from Taguig City with Locally Blended Juice Drink. Medical and non-medical frontliners in Taguig’s checkpoints, vaccination sites, and barangay enjoyed Locally’s blended juice drink, which are made from fruits cultivated by Filipino farmers. The drinks help the frontliners stay hydrated, energized, andContinue Reading

For the past year, what has disrupted and plagued our lives so terribly was COVID-19. But aside from the pandemic, we also had to deal with natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and typhoons, all of which continue to hit us unexpectedly. The constant looming cloud of environmental issuesContinue Reading

Campaign kicks off with the premiere of brand-new micro-film, Memories Empower, limited-edition giftbox and “7-Day Memory Challenge” to invite Kingston users to relive their most precious memories Accelerating the vision of preserving memories with its memory and storage products, Kingston Technology, a world leader of memory products and technology solutions,Continue Reading