Words, Photos, Videos: Chef Jacob in Collaboration with MariajuanaNews

Chef Jacob, also known as Nelson Homer Talag, described as a multi-task man, husband, programmer, biker, diver, photographer, chef and a baby sitter. ?

He is a contributor to MariajuanaNews and a content creator to his own channel (Chef Jacob), and since it’s his job to do product reviews, and is also into cooking, he recently reviewed this item from one of the well known brand here in the Philippines and in Asia, the XIAOMI AIR FRYER.

With it’s model name Yv220283, price is somehow affordable compared to other brands which is 2,795. It has features like the non- stick surface on the side, a LED Display, wherein everything is touch screen and digital. Chef Jacob and his wife tried to cook two dishes that time, fried chicken and potato, and from there, you’ll find out how’s the taste and how convenient it is to cook from an air fryer. Is it friendly, costly and is it really time saving to cook from an Air fryer?

So much for that intro, let’s watch the product review video of Xiaomi Air Fryer. Find out if its worth the wait of buying this item. Happy watching and happy cooking!

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