PLDT Home’s new ad sheds light on rediscovering the strongest family connections

Life in lockdown has been a learning phase for everyone. The pandemic may have brought collective fear due to the uncertainty of the times but there remains a glimmer of hope in the small things that were used to be taken for granted. And as families take part in this universal experience, it is also in these moments that people gain a newfound appreciation for the things that truly matter to them.

PLDT Home’s newest campaign video circles on redefining relationships and creating deeper emotional bonds in the family by rediscovering one’s strongest connections at home. The short film “Rediscover Home” depicts the changes between the normalcy people used to enjoy pre-quarantine, and the life they now know in the new normal.

The video starts with the sudden announcement of the community quarantine, and how this compelled families to postpone the events they were looking forward to – from upcoming trips to exciting fiestas, quiz nights, videoke nights, travels, and get-togethers. Despite these unprecedented changes, families found new ways to bond together such as family dinners, online shopping, and movie nights at home.Whatever lifestyles they are used to and different social status they are in, one thing is common: these families rediscovered the happiness and bond in simple things inside their homes.

“Rediscover Home” highlights that although many enjoyable activities have been put on hold for now, nothing compares to the joy that comes in rediscovering one’s home, creating deeper and meaningful relationships, and enjoying new bonding activities no matter how simple it can be as long as you’rein the company of the people that truly matter to you – family.

As we navigate the life in the new normal, PLDT Home captures how change can sometimes lay a new foundation for people to find things that are more meaningful, giving way for strongest connections at home as we #rediscoverwhatmatters and #rediscoverhome.

To watch PLDT Home’s latest video, visit PLDT Home’s YouTube here.



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