EdgePoint Infrastructure’s Connectivity for Communities Programme Improves Access to Connectivity and Digital Literacy For Students In the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia

EdgePoint Infrastructure (“EdgePoint”), an ASEAN-based independent telecommunications infrastructure company, have launched the Connectivity for Communities programme – a regional corporate responsibility initiative aimed at providing access to connectivity for students in underserved communities.

Rolled out across the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, this programme is part of EdgePoint’s ongoing commitment to enhancing equitable access to connectivity across the region, especially in the underserved communities. In an effort to ensure the right communities benefit from these initiatives, EdgePoint has partnered with local organisations who understand the grassroots’ needs better in each country, allowing them to curate the right programmes towards improving connectivity and promoting digital literacy

Suresh Sidhu, CEO and Founder of EdgePoint Infrastructure shared, “We really want to make sure that the children in these communities get every chance they have to harness their potential. The first step is to ensure they have quality, reliable connectivity but that alone is not enough. An effective programme needs to also ensure that these children rapidly accelerate their digital literacy. EdgePoint is an expert in connectivity and partnerships with the right social organisations help us achieve the second goal. We will continue to partner with local organisations who are committed to creating brighter futures for all.”

In the Philippines, EdgePoint has partnered with Habitat for Humanity, the leading international organisation providing housing solutions for vulnerable populations in the Philippines and Indonesia. Here, EdgePoint and Habitat for Humanity Philippines are working together to establish digital education hubs at two schools, providing seamless internet connection and devices to the Southville 88 National High School in Rodriguez, Rizal, and the Teresa National High School in Teresa, Rizal.

Continuing the partnership in Indonesia, EdgePoint and Habitat for Humanity Indonesia have launched the initiative in two Junior High School at Sentolo, Central Java and the Junior High School (MTS) Maulana Ibrahim in Gresik, East Java providing seamless internet connections and fully furnished digital libraries.

EdgePoint has also teamed up with Impact Malaysia, a social initiative operating under Impact Integrated – an NGO affiliated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Malaysia, leveraging on their expertise towards providing broadband connectivity and digital literacy programmes in rural schools. Kicking off the programme in Pahang and Sarawak, EdgePoint will provide resource centres in schools complete with the required digital devices as well as refurbished students’ common rooms, while also working with the local organisations to drive long term digital literacy programmes for the students.

To date, Connectivity for Communities has facilitated connectivity for a total of 6 schools, impacting more than 5000 students. The programme is targeted to benefit another 10 more schools in 2024.

For more information on EdgePoint, please visit https://edgepointinfra.com/ 


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