Herbalife triathletes share how they prepared for the Davao Ironman

The Ironman triathlon may be considered a tough sport, but tens of thousands join races to get the title of the finisher. Just how tough is it? A triathlete must finish 1.9 km swimming, 90kms cycling, and 21 km running. One of the most anticipated events in the community is the Ironman 70.3 Davao, which was held on March 26, 2023, at the Azuela Cove in Davao City.

Three noted triathletes, all Herbalife Ambassadors competed in the Davao Ironman: Omar Paredes, Ines Santiago, and Ronald Molit. They have brought pride to the community and the country by competing in some of the world’s biggest competitions, including the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon and the Ironman World Championship.

All three are fueled by Herbalife to go beyond the finish line, and here’s how they prepared for the Ironman 70.3 Davao:


Omar Paredes

“To train for an Ironman, you need at least a year to prepare for it. But if you are a regular racer and have been training consistently, small adjustments can do a big difference,” says Coach Omar Paredes.

If there’s a triathlete that counts as a regular racer, it would be him. Paredes is the first Filipino to secure a Black Shirt from the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon. It is considered the ultimate triathlon on the planet and the top 160 finishers get a black finishing t-shirt. The champion and coach has competed and placed in other triathlons, such as Ironman Malaysia – Langkawi, New Clark City Triathlon in 2019, and the Ironman All World Athletes in 2014.

To prepare, he trains in his free time either before or after work. Occasionally he runs or bikes to work then trains again with his students in the afternoon. Most of his preparation is done on weekends when he does long rides and runs. Paredes also does brick workouts, where he trains in two disciplines back-to-back.

Coach O, as he is fondly called also stresses the importance of nutrition. He says,  “Nutrition plays an important role if you want to perform well and recover fast. If you fail to plan your nutrition and hydration, your performance might be compromised.”

The coach has advocated for Herbalife since 2011. Herbalife products help him to excel in his performance since then. According to him, he became a better athlete, he continues to reach his goals thru the help of his favorite products, H24 Rebuild Strength, Niteworks, NRG, and the Aloe Tea Concentrate.

Paredes has some advice for aspiring athletes. He recommends looking for a triathlon coach or joining a team that can help improve a specific discipline. The coach says, “this way, you can be guided, and you can improve on your craft along with proper nutrition.”


Ines Santiago

Ines Santiago is the first Filipina finisher at the Ironman World Championship in 2022, held at Kailua-Kona in Hawaii. She is also the overall female champion at the Megaworld Ironman 70.3 and the Century Tuna Ironman, both held in the Philippines. Santiago started doing triathlons in 2014 and has completed 40 races to date, four of which were in 2022 alone.

Given Santiago’s active lifestyle, it’s no surprise that she believes in training every day. She shares, “Since this has become a lifestyle for me, it’s harder to miss a workout than to actually do one. Once something becomes a habit, it’s harder to break that habit. On the rare days that I feel like I need to rest, whether it means having to tone down my workout for the day or skip it altogether, I allow myself to do so. It’s important to find joy in what you choose to do because this is also an important motivating factor.”

She trains in the morning so she can focus on work and family time after. According to her, all parts of the training process are essential, including nutrition and recovery.

Similar to how training is already part of her lifestyle, she maintains a consistent diet to stay healthy. She reveals, “I don’t go on any special diet when I’m training for a triathlon. Even if it’s not race season, I care for my health and wellness in the same way I would when it’s race season.”

Santiago has been an Herbalife ambassador since 2018 and trusts many of its products for her nutrition and recovery. She relies on H24 Rebuild Strength for muscle recovery and Xtra-Cal for her bones. Additionally, she takes Cell Complex, F1 Shake, Vitamins and Minerals and antioxidants. During triathlons, she also uses the Herbalife Skin Protective Moisturizer with SPF 30.

The triathlete emphasizes the importance of recovery. Santiago says, “Listen to your body and give it the care it deserves. When I started my multisport journey, I was all about striving and pushing, which sometimes led to injury and fatigue. It’s important to find the balance and just flow with it.”

This ties to her advice for beginners: “Enjoy the process and focus on the now. Focus on small and attainable goals but keep your efforts consistent so you don’t overwhelm yourself with big goals so far into the future. Stay present at the moment and find joy in it.”


Ronald Molit

For Ronald Molit, consistency is king. He asserts, “The most efficient way to train is to do it consistently. You need to allot the appropriate amount of time for each discipline.

It’s challenging for Molit, who is a triathlete and the founder of FIT PH, the Philippines’ largest triathlon team. He manages his time so he can train for his own races and coach his team. According to him, “A lot of my time is spent on developing programs for athletes, managing FIT PH, and other engagements. I focus on quality sets in training so I can accomplish my other roles.”

Despite his busy schedule, Molit successfully competed in four races in 2022, including the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. He says, “To efficiently train the body, you need a program. To properly execute the program, you need good nutrition. This will help the body recover and perform better.”

Like Paredes and Santiago, Molit trusts Herbalife for his nutrition. He has been an ambassador since 2016 and has relied on many of its products. According to Molit, “I take all the necessary supplements and eat healthily and hydrate even when I’m not training for a race.”

He uses Herbalife’s Vitamins & Minerals, Xtra-Cal, and Herbalifeline. His most essential recovery shake is the H24 Rebuild Strength.

For aspiring triathletes, he advises them to get a coach with their training program. They need to focus on the basic components of fitness, like form, technique, and endurance. Molit also highlights the fun aspect of becoming a triathlete. He says, “it’s important to enjoy training.”

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