“M Lhuillier’s Heartwarming Visit to the Home for the Elderly” | An Embracing Act of Love and Care

“Sharing is caring.” An act of kindness and compassion especially for individuals who may have been abandoned, depressed, or undesired. This is a concept that M Lhuillier (one of the Philippines’ largest non-bank financial institutions), adopted in the spirit of a fresh start. The elderly, who are frequently forgotten but should feel appreciated, especially as they age, were given this chance to be loved and valued.

The M Lhuillier team visited the elders at Logoy Diutay, Talon-Talon Shelter, an assisted living facility in Zamboanga City, on January 25, 2024, as part of their yearly tradition. They were there to cheer the shelter’s occupants up and offer support. They generously gave sacks of rice, biscuits, and powdered milk—basic foods and necessities that would support the elderly’s nutrition and general well-being.

Apart from the food contributions, the group also offered hygiene packages that included tissues, alcohol, toothbrush, and bath soap. Although these things are frequently taken for granted, the elderly depend on them to preserve their dignity and personal hygiene. M Lhuillier’s attention to meeting the elderly inhabitants’ holistic needs was evident in the considerate addition of basic hygiene supplies.

Under the direct supervision of DSWD Center Head Fatnohalda J. Padih and M Lhuillier representative, Herbert S. Garcia led the initiative. The members of the team, namely Kathy Lyn P. Mina, Ruby S. Toca, Rene P. Armada, and Lebert U. Dapat, devoted their time and energy to ensure the success of the event.

There were forty seven (47) senior citizens at the facility who took part in the activity: twenty-three (23) women and twenty-four (24) men. While some of them had already planned to visit their family back home, others were still hoping for a chance to meet their loved ones. The elderly residents were profoundly affected by the presence, kindness, and real caring of the crew. Their grateful grins and reactions demonstrated the impact of their visit and the blessings they experienced.

M Lhuillier will continue to help shelters such as the Home for the Elderly for years to come. Their advocacy is indeed an act of extraordinary service that shows love, pure joy, dignity, and support for the senior citizen community.

Through this act of kindness, and by lending a helpful hand and distributing love, they play a big role in the lives of people who might have felt abandoned or disadvantaged. With M Lhuillier around, their hope is secure with joy in their hearts.



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