Success is not a mere stroke of luck; it’s a result of relentless effort, hard work, and a compassionate heart, opening doors that others might overlook. At 32 years old, Rossel Dimayuga, fondly called Shantal by friends, family, and close colleagues, is a magnet of abundance and opportunity.

While some may attribute her success to luck, Shantal humbly reframes it, “I consider myself very blessed because I’ve been guided down many paths that have made me a better entrepreneur. I’ve learned many lessons, which have made me wiser and more resilient.”

During the pandemic, she – like many other entrepreneurs and businesses at that time – were greatly affected by the economic downturn. Unfortunately, she had to shut down many of her ventures and build her empire from scratch the following years. Despite the great challenges, she bounced right back with hope, more wisdom, and stronger business strategies.

“As a businesswoman, my success stems from a keen awareness of problems, commitment to finding solutions, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact,” she shares. All thriving businesses are built on this simple anchor – to address real problems – and this philosophy echoes across her diverse enterprises, which spans manpower services, textiles and garment manufacturing, finance, trading, and even security services.

At 32 years old with several ventures under her belt, Shantal is an exciting, multi-faceted CEO to watch. Soft-spoken and determined, she moves powerfully, with great energy and confidence. She believes in letting her work speak for itself—a sentiment echoed by the impressive empire she has cultivated. Through her enterprises, she demonstrates a passion for solving real-world challenges and an eagerness to explore new opportunities. Based on the breadth and depth of the types of businesses she’s dabbled in, you can surmise that she is a woman of many disciplines and interests—and she’s excited to explore more opportunities.

When asked if she has considered scaling back to focus on a single business, Shantal rejects such limitations: “My philosophy is not to box myself in—whether in business or life. Why limit the ways we can thrive and help others? When I succeed, everyone succeeds.” Leading thousands of employees under her guidance, Shantal exemplifies her commitment to collective success.

Born and raised in Batangas, Shantal’s entrepreneurial spirit surfaced early in life. Inspired by her parents’ work ethic and generosity, she believes in the rewards of a life lived with integrity.

Her journey to the top was gradual as she took on various roles throughout her career, working as a beauty consultant, mobile reseller, and building administrator, before finding her stride as an entrepreneur.

Today, apart from the many businesses and people she manages, Shantal also leads Yakap Kalinga, a foundation for marginalized children. Looking back at her own simple childhood, Shantal knows how important education can be, which has been pivotal to her own success and development. Through the foundation, she has provided hundreds of students with school supplies and families in underprivileged communities with rice and food subsidies.

Soon, she is looking into launching another foundation to help other aspiring entrepreneurs navigate their own business journeys.

“To be honest, I’m not afraid of hard work, the hustle, or the endless challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. Because genuinely, at the end of the day, I want to help. And so far, the best way I know how to contribute to the world—in a manner that is positive, impactful, and empowering—is by creating more jobs and opportunities. I believe, your success is not only measured by how many steps forward you take but how many people you are able to bring forward with you,” ends Shantal.



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