B Hotel Quezon City unveils its Pastry Corner Express, the perfect solution for busy individuals looking to satisfy their cravings while on the go. An extension of Pastry Corner, this convenient “Express” outlet offers a wide range of pastries, cakes, coffees, and juices designed for people on the go. WithContinue Reading

The iconic Glico running man, officially called the Goal-in mark by Glico, has steadfastly illuminated the bank of Dotonbori Canal in Osaka for close to nine decades. Behind this renowned signage lies Glico, a Japanese food manufacturing powerhouse that has dedicated more than a hundred years in contributing to people’sContinue Reading

Jollibee, the Philippines’ most loved fast-food chain, is stirring up the coffee scene once again with its newest addition to Jollibee Coffee Blends – the new Iced Mocha. Their freshly brewed coffee, made with 100% Arabica beans, is now mixed with creamy chocolate to give you that perfect mood-boosting blend,Continue Reading

Japanese brand Almond Koka collaborates with Gelato Manila for a line of plant-based gelato Summer in the Philippines screams the loudest for ice cream. As the country’s heat index continues to peak, it makes the dessert more of an irresistible necessity than an occasional treat by many Filipinos. However, here’sContinue Reading

Jollibee Chicken Nuggets! Jollibee unveils its newest product —the Crispy, Juicy, Chicken On-The-Go, Jollibee Chicken Nuggets! A winning addition to Jollibee’s well-loved menu, it stands out as a convenient offer when you want something quick and satisfying. Here are three reasons why the Jollibee Chicken Nuggets will become your ultimateContinue Reading

In the midst of the summer heat and longing for a refreshing escape, 7-Eleven is treating the country to another round of drinks and exciting getaway trips. This time, customers are invited to rediscover the beauty of the local scenery through the Summer EsCUPades Raffle Promo. As part of itsContinue Reading

This Lenten season, people often opt to look for healthier meals. Luckily, foodpanda has your back. Navigating meatless dining during this season has become more accessible than ever making it easier to start your meat-abstaining journey. foodpanda offers numerous meat-free choices to cater to different tastes. From simple favorites toContinue Reading