AGATHA is a Medical Technologist who has a passion for learning something new.
A girl who loves arts and science. Whether it’s in the beauty industry (makeup etc.) cooking / baking, gaming you name it.
She wants to learn every skill set there is. And surprisingly she’s excelling in those fields.
“What is beauty when the fridge is empty”? Sounds familiar huh, but why is it connected to a fridge? Yes you’ve read it right. We’ve got this latest gadget, that can be use as storage of our beauty skin care and can also be use on travel purposes. A gadget that we can consider as our beauty companion.
Thanks to Agatha, for sharing her Beauty Fridge | Vanity Mirror to us and for doing a product review on it. Here below is the video, and feel the passion of owning this cute gadget that we can consider as our beauty kit companion. Please follow Modern Journal Trends on all our social media accounts, and don’t forget to hit the Like and Subscribe button.
Enjoy watching!

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